Welcome to The Floating Lotus Yoga Studio & Day Spa

The perfect place to nourish mind, body and spirit for a renewed you.

We offer yoga classes and spa treatments in our peaceful, inviting studio – a quiet oasis, conveniently located in the heart of Little Rock.


Our highly trained yoga instructors lead a variety of classes designed for beginning- to advanced-level students who desire to reach, through yoga, higher levels of wellbeing.

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Day Spa

Our spa specialists offer facials, massages, body wraps and more. We nourish your body with organic skin care, while focusing what you need to feel beautiful, both inside and out.

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Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training program is designed for committed Yoga students who want to develop the self-knowledge, skills and confidence to teach others.

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We Won't Be Social Distancing Forever, So Keep Your Lashes In Great Shape!

Let’s face it: Lash therapy is all about chat-time with your lash stylist.  You have an hourlong, one-on-one convo about everything that is important to you, while you get a beauty treatment.  Of course, some of you get a wonderful nap…

Health Information: Our Response to COVID-19

The mission of The Floating Lotus is to provide the best yoga and spa services as we partner with you on your quest to nourish and renew mind, body and spirit. To do that, we are keeping up with information from dependable sources concerning…

The Accidental Yogi: The Intentional Yogi

Isn’t time funny? Like how every year, Christmas seems so far away and then, two seconds later, it was last week. Nothing left but a sprinkling of dead pine needles and a few shards of those Saltine toffee things you only eat at Christmas.…

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