custom facial
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What, exactly, is a customized facial?

We each have distinct needs when it comes to skincare. Does your skin appear a little dull? Breakouts bringing you down? Fine lines making you feel older than you are? Stress taking its toll on your skin? Spend too much time in the sun last…
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Happy skin, happy you!

Is skin care important? According to a recent Huffington Post story, it is: skin care, they said, is self-care, which is important to mental wellbeing. No matter the reason – for beauty or for health – a skin care ritual is soothing and…
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Add Ayurvedic massage to your daily routine to balance and replenish your energy

Fall is the season for replenishing your ojas, the Ayurvedic term for your life force or essence, which influences immunity. When your ojas is diminished, your immunity is reduced. In addition to refraining from the energy-depleting effects…
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The Key to Healthy Skin: Organic Skin Care

So many products promise "flawless skin,” but don’t you really want products that promote healthy skin? Finding skin care that leaves skin glowing while also supporting its health could be as easy as visiting the right spa!   First,…
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3 ways facial massages can improve your skin!

  Many of us go in for a massage asking for relief in our necks, shoulders and backs but what about our face? You would be surprised at the wonderful things facial massages can do for your skin. Here are a few ways facial massages can leave…

Top 5 skin care tips to keeping your face looking its best

Wow!  I feel so grateful that Katie O'Byrne editor for Natural Awakenings AR let me share 5 of my beauty tips in the November issue! Here is the article I wrote: Top 5 skin care tips to keeping your face looking its best. Your face is…

My journey with Eminence skin care

  I have always been a skin care junkie.  My skin care obsession started with my mom showing me how to care for my skin in my early teen years.  In my teens I had Grade II acne.  I do admit it is not as severe as some people I see today…