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Tension, Yikes!

We’ve all seen it — the parade of zombie-teens (and adults) wandering around businesses, bathrooms and parks hunched over their cell phones. Pokémon Go is sweeping the nation, but how is it affecting our bodies?   The game brings…
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3 ways facial massages can improve your skin!

  Many of us go in for a massage asking for relief in our necks, shoulders and backs but what about our face? You would be surprised at the wonderful things facial massages can do for your skin. Here are a few ways facial massages can leave…

What to expect at your first Brazilian Wax

  It's swimsuit season, and many are looking for ways to keep their bikini line groomed without the hassle! Brazilian waxes are often the route many choose to take, but for first-timers this can be nerve-racking. No need to worry!…