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Little Rock Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

The Floating Lotus will host the next Thai Jam event Sept. 9 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.! This monthly event is a great way for both beginners and professionals to learn more about the ancient practice of Thai Yoga Massage. What is Thai Yoga…

How does yoga affect your mental health?

Anyone familiar with yoga knows it's the perfect physical stress reliever, but what is it about yoga that calms the spirit? Yoga is like therapy, and can bring about a great release of emotional burdens.  Yoga focuses on balance, the…

How Yoga Teacher Training Deepens Your Practice

  So, you’ve been thinking about taking your yoga practice to the next level – have you ever considered teaching? Embarking on a certified teacher training course can help you really delve deeper into your practice. In typical…

How yoga can help relieve menstrual cramps!

  When it's that time of the month, for some of us, that means lots of painful cramps! Ouch! No fun. You've tried everything -- warm compresses, hot showers or baths, even pain medicines. Have you ever considered yoga?  I…
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Tension, Yikes!

We’ve all seen it — the parade of zombie-teens (and adults) wandering around businesses, bathrooms and parks hunched over their cell phones. Pokémon Go is sweeping the nation, but how is it affecting our bodies?   The game brings…

Don't Shrink -- Lengthen!

One of my 65-year-old students recently noticed something telling about yoga. While she’s maintaining her height, her friends are getting shorter! It’s true that we shrink when we age, but what’s going on here? In short, it’s…
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  Studio Before                Studio After It has been some time since I have written on our blog.  I have wanted to share my papers I wrote for teacher training with Shiva Rea, but I have always felt shy about sharing such intimate…

Bhakti Sadhana

My last sadhana (practice) was amazing!  It was about strength.  I learned that being strong can sometimes create strong words and emotions, so a strong 30 day sadhana can create an imbalance.  This is why this last month's practice was so…