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Welcome to The Floating Lotus Yoga Studio & Day Spa

The perfect place to nourish mind, body and spirit for a renewed you.

We offer yoga classes and spa treatments in our peaceful, inviting studio – a quiet oasis, conveniently located in the heart of Little Rock.

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Feeling stressed? Download our free PDF, 5 Easy Steps to Find More Peace Right Now, and begin your journey to restored wellbeing.


Our highly trained yoga instructors lead a variety of classes designed for beginning- to advanced-level students who desire to reach, through yoga, higher levels of wellbeing.

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Day Spa

Our spa specialists offer facials, massages, body wraps and more. We nourish your body with organic skin care, while focusing what you need to feel beautiful, both inside and out.

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Do you love the Éminence Organics products we use in the spa? Then order them online to use at home, directly from Éminence! When you buy something through this link, The Floating Lotus may earn a small commission.

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