Health Information: Our Response to COVID-19

The mission of The Floating Lotus is to provide the best yoga and spa services as we partner with you on your quest to nourish and renew mind, body and spirit.

To do that, we are keeping up with information from dependable sources concerning COVID-19. The Floating Lotus is committed to keeping our family of clients and staff healthy and safe, and we encourage anyone who has questions or concerns about our services to email us at You can also return to this page or monitor our Facebook feed for updates to our policies and our response to ongoing health needs

For reliable information and recommendations concerning COVID-19, please visit:


While we feel that yoga, meditation, massage and self-care are necessary as we navigate the current situation, your personal wellbeing comes first.

While spa appointments and in-house yoga classes are still suspended, we are cleaning and preparing to reopen soon.  

First and foremost, your health and safety are important to us. We will be back stronger and more ready than ever to support you in all the nourishing ways that you have come to expect from us.

When we do reopen, the following protocols will be in place:

Day Spa

  • No walk-in spa appointments.
  • Vulnerable populations (i.e. those persons over the age of 65 or with chronic medical conditions) should consider remaining home.  
  • All clients will be screened for potential coronavirus-related symptoms prior to arrival for an appointment using the following questions: 
    • Have you had a fever of 100.4 F or greater in the last 2 days? 
    • Do you have a cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat or loss of taste or smell?
    • Have you had contact with a person known to be infected with COVID-19 within the past 14 days?
  • Those answering “yes” to any of the above will have their services postponed for 14 days. Services will not be performed on clients who show any sign of illness such as fever, cough or runny nose.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations will be in many common places throughout the studio.
  • In our smaller facility, the 6-foot physical distancing condition may require that fewer than 10 persons are present at any given time.
  • All employees will wear a face covering at all times. A cloth face covering is acceptable for this purpose. 
  • Clients will wear masks as services permit. A cloth face covering is acceptable for this purpose.
  • Our waiting area is smaller, so clients will need to wait outside of the studio until called by their service provider.
  • All existing infection-control rules remain in effect and will be enforced. Non-porous surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected prior to use. Porous items will be discarded after a single use. 
  • Gloves will be worn for all services, as required.  
  • Handwashing will be performed before and after each service.

Signs will be posted informing clients about these policies. 

Yoga Studio

  • Mats will be positioned 12 ft apart. This means only 5 people per class, including the teacher, in the yoga space.
  • When placing your mat, you will need to follow designated markings on the floor.
  • Masks are required to enter and exit the studio. Once on your mat you remove it.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations will be in many common places throughout the studio. 
  • Teachers will sign you into the class.
  • When signing up for a class on Mindbody, you will see options for “online” and “in studio.”  If you are coming to the studio you will need to sign up for the in-studio class. We will be offering online Zoom classes simultaneously with in-house classes.
  • You will need to bring your own mats, props, water bottles and towel. The Floating Lotus will not provide these items at this time.
  • The studio bathroom, floors, door handles and floors will be cleaned before and after every class.
  • If we do not have more than one person signed up for an in-studio class, that class will only be available via Zoom.
  • We will keep the current schedule listed on Mindbody.  This is your resource for real-time class scheduling.  
  • If you can’t attend and in-studio class you signed up for, you must cancel within 4 hours of signup or you will be charged $10.  

You can continue to support of The Floating Lotus by purchasing boutique products from us. Email us at and we will drop off a product or meet you at the studio. Plus, you can purchase gift certificates online, as well.

We want to stay connected with all of you. We will post on Mindbody a schedule of Zoom classes that you can do along with me. Plus, we have posted new videos on our YouTube channel.

We are grateful that you are part of The Floating Lotus family and wish you continued health, happiness and wellbeing. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Cassandra & The Floating Lotus Staff

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