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The Floating Lotus Reopens June 22

We’re back! The Floating Lotus will be open for business beginning Monday, June 22. Ready to get back into your pre-quarantine routine? We’ve missed seeing you – but your safety is still most important to us! We want you to remain healthy and informed, so here are some things to know as we reopen: We […]

Fighting Like a Girl

The following was written by guest blogger Alex Vandiver, winner of our social media contest for a free year of Yoga. Alex will be blogging here about her yearlong journey with us. I have been alive for 26 years. I have been fighting a difficult battle for 8. A war is being waged against my […]

Health Information: Our Response to COVID-19

The mission of The Floating Lotus is to provide the best yoga and spa services as we partner with you on your quest to nourish and renew mind, body and spirit. To do that, we are keeping up with information from dependable sources concerning COVID-19. The Floating Lotus is committed to keeping our family of […]

The Accidental Yogi: The Intentional Yogi

Isn’t time funny? Like how every year, Christmas seems so far away and then, two seconds later, it was last week. Nothing left but a sprinkling of dead pine needles and a few shards of those Saltine toffee things you only eat at Christmas. (Why do we only eat those things at Christmas? They’re so […]


Reiki: Support for Health and Wellbeing

Reiki, a traditional Japanese energy healing technique, transfers the universal life force known as qi (chi) through a gentle, hands-on procedure. The objective of Reiki is to attain and maintain health through the balance of qi. Often, a Reiki client enters a deep state of relaxation and meditation, which helps relieve stress and imbalances. Some […]

The Accidental Yogi: Winning a Year of Yoga Classes

The following was written by guest blogger Susan Heffern-Shelton, winner of our Facebook drawing for a free year of Yoga. Susan will be blogging here about her yearlong yoga journey with us. Now, please don’t go getting all intimidated when I tell you this, but you should probably know that I do yoga five days […]