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Spring Renewal

Wow! It has been a year since I have written anything on The Floating Lotus blog.  It seems that with the expansion of the business I have been super busy.  Then Eric, my fiance, sells his house of 13 years so we may build our own new home together.  He is so giving and loving […]

Third Backbend

Today was a really nice day.  The time I spent at the studio was refreshing and I got some paperwork done.  However, sitting in a chair for six hours straight was something I am not use to doing.  My body was screaming for some movement. When Kenley our massage therapist arrived I was ready to do a […]

Day Two

It felt great to groove to a few of my favorite beats today.  It was a hour before the 6:00 o’clock yoga class and I used my time wisely by warming up the shoulders and hips so that I could take my second picture.  Thank you, Hannah!  She took the picture you see below of the […]

Vision Quest

Vision quest – a rite of passage in some Native American cultures.  I had a vision today about a little journey I would like to embark upon.  For those who know me I have had a really unsettling 2011.  It completely knocked me off balance.  I haven’t judged myself for the new waves of habits […]


Today my sadhana was blessed with Nataraja, lord of the dance!  An incarnate of Shiva representing all movement of the cosmos.  The reason for the dance is to free humans from the illusion.  The biggest fire in our Universe is the Sun and the sunlight from my window created a Nataraja on my yoga mat.  You […]

New Sadhana/New Moon

Welcome, New Moon!  In honor of the New Moon I started a new sadhana today.  What is sadhana, you ask?  Sadhana is a sankrit word for “practice”.  In Shiva Rea’s teachings there are six sadhanas: Vira, Hatha, Shanti, Creativity, Health/Regeneration and Bhakti. My sadhana is a blend of Bhakti and Vira.  In Vira I am working […]

Prana Shakti

While waiting for the stoplight to change to green this morning I look over to the truck beside me.  I had to smile because the gentleman was dancing in his truck.  He was so enthralled with his music that you could see the energy pulsating through him.  He was at that moment a beautiful expression […]

Moving Forward

The clouds have moved away and I am so happy for the light that is shining into my heart as well as the fantastic sunshine we had today!  This morning we did the agni namaskar practice.  It is all about burning away any funk you might be carrying around and it leaves you feeling clear […]

Sorrowful Friday

Last Monday I started having this itchy throat.  Oh, I am starting to come down with something.  First thing I did was eliminate sugar from my food and I started drinking my veggie juices in a bigger abundance.  As the days past I still had this raw, burning throat.  It wasn’t a big nuisance but […]