Class Descriptions

The Floating Lotus provides a supportive teaching environment for Yoga. Participants at all levels of accomplishment will feel comfortable practicing and learning Yoga “where they are” and appreciate the lack of competitiveness here.

Our highly-trained instructors offer a wide variety of Yoga classes to suit any experience level.

Stay connected, even if you can’t come to the studio for classes! The Floating Lotus is now offering real-time, virtual yoga classes, in addition to our in-studio classes. Visit our Online Classes page for details.

Yoga Classes

  • Basic and Beginner Yoga
    If you are new to yoga, please come to one of our classes geared specifically for beginners. As you learn the basics, we invite you to try Basic Flow and then Solar Flow classes. You are always welcome in any class, but beginner classes are better adapted to those who are new to yoga.

    Please come to class 5-10 minutes early so we can meet you and you can fill out our new-student paperwork.

    Listen to your body and honor what you are feeling. Yoga brings you into your body – this can be a very new experience, so be patient with yourself and rest as needed.

    Yoga also brings you more in touch with your emotions. Be kind to yourself with any feelings that arise – experiencing emotion during yoga is normal. Breathing and sitting with those emotions, as well as talking to loved ones and allowing yourself to express what arises, can be beneficial.

  • Hot Yoga
    We heat our room to 90°-95° for hot yoga! It is very important to drink water before, during and after class. You may drink Gatorade if you wish, but we recommend water.

    You will need a towel and your mat in Hot Yoga class. Be aware of how you feel and how your body reacts to the heat. Adjusting to a hot practice takes time. If you need to drink water or rest, please do so!

    Keeping yourself safe is your responsibility. Our teachers will guide you, but you know your own body and when you need to take a break. Always honor what you need.

  • Yin Yoga

    If you are looking for a slower paced, more contemplative class, yin yoga may be the one for you. This style of yoga targets the connective tissue, with practitioners relaxing into poses held for longer periods of time – from 45 seconds for beginners to 5 minutes or more for advanced students.

    Yin yoga helps improve circulation, the flow of energy and flexibility. It is often meditative in nature. We invite to experience yin yoga in our Yin and MeridiYin classes.

  • Intermediate/Advanced Yoga
    As you learn the basics and are ready to advance your practice, we invite you to try our intermediate and advanced classes, such as Playtime Yoga and Prana Flow.

Take a look at our schedule, find more details and reserve your spot in class here:

Daily Schedule

Seva Class

Seva is selfless action brought forth from compassion. How does our Seva work?

  • Come to the Beginner Plus class at 10 a.m. Sunday.
  • This is a donation Yoga class – give any donation in exchange for the class.
  • All donations go to the charity or cause for that month.

We hope to see lots of people on Sunday mornings!

Students with 5-Class, 10-Class or Unlimited Monthly Passes are welcome to join our Seva class, but please remember to bring a donation for a good cause!

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Ready to take your practice further? Try our Yoga Teacher Training courses.

Through teacher training, you will more deeply experience the supportive community of the Floating Lotus and cultivate a lifestyle of self-mastery, empowerment and service to others.

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